Sell Your Home Fast – Get the Buyer’s Perspective

postAre you interested in selling your home quickly? Have you tried or are currently attempting to sell a house without much success (be it unable to find a buyer or perhaps not reaching the target price range you were hoping to hit.)?

If you are having these kinds of problems, there are many reasons as to why you might not be having much success with your sale, but don’t despair as these obstacles can be overcome. To sell your home fast, you simply need to see things from the buyer’s point of view. The more you understand the wants and needs of home buyers, the better your marketing strategy will be.

The Smart Home Seller

A Smart Home Seller knows that, “first impressions are lasting impressions.” To market your home successfully doesn’t mean that the home must be overhauled with renovations or improvements, it simply means that the home must be prepared for selling. Such conservative improvements can range from simple repairs to a fresh paint job or simply a good cleaning.

When presenting a home to a buyer, the first glimpse the buyer has of the

Unfinished Homes – A Great Way to Buy a Home

Manos entregando una casa

So you’re looking to purchase a new home and contemplating on whether or not it makes sense to buy an unfinished home to save money.

An unfinished home is great way to get into a new home and save dollars. Buying an unfinished home can lower your initial investment and keep the monthly mortgage payment lower. In addition, you might be able to buy an unfinished home with a larger foundation size, such that someday when you finish the home you’ve gone from a “Starter Home” to a large highly sought after custom home.

Typically an unfinished starter home (e.g. Colonial/Gambrel/Cape of around 24×36 or 26×36) means that the upstairs is unfinished. How unfinished is a question of how much sweat equity you are willing to put into it. I have seen some unfinished homes where the only thing done to the upstairs was a framed center bearing wall to support the roof trusses. Others have included all of the rough framing, electric and plumbing. Based on my experiences, not finishing the upstairs will save you around 15%-20% of the finished

Home Inspection – 12 Common Areas of Defects

The Barrie Home Inspector discusses the twelve most common items found during a home inspection. These are items that are commonly found during a home inspection but are listed in any order of importance.

1. Lot and Roof Drainage

Keeping water out of your house in one of the most important areas to be considered in building design and annual maintenance checklists. Eave troughs collect large amounts of water, average is 160 gallons per hour, which is then directed down to ground level to be dispersed. This is where most systems have problems, from missing extensions to reversed splash pads, and it is important to ensure all water is directed away from your home. I have actually come across homes where the sump pump was pumping water out into the exterior corner of the house where the water ran right back down the foundation to be re-cycled again. Areas around foundations are prone to settling and should be built back up to ensure that any water will flow away from home.

2. Foundations

The primary function of the foundation is to transfer the load of your house unto your footings. Water can enter your home through cracks and holes in your

Thinking of Selling Your Home? Don’t Believe the Hype When Hiring a Realtor to Represent You

Just peruse through the Sunday newspaper, real estate books or scan various Realtor websites and you will see a lot of hype.

  • Largest Producer!
  • If we don’t sell your home we will buy it!
  • Your home sold in 39 days or we will sell it for free!
  • We will advertise your home until it is sold!
  • We guarantee to save you $5,000 on your next home purchase!
  • We will sell your home for 1% 2% or 3%!
  • #1 Real Estate Agent!

Real estate is a cutthroat, competitive industry. Realtors are always trying to find new ways to attract home buyers and sellers. With so many to choose from Realtors are constantly trying to make themselves stand out from the crowd. With this desire to be different we naturally create a lot of hype.

Let’s go through a few of the more common ways Realtors try to grab your attention.

Largest Producer!

People should be impressed by any agent that is the largest producer. Right? What if that Realtor is in a 2 or 3 agent office? It is not as impressive anymore. What if the agent was the largest producer for just one week? They don’t advertise that information. Again, not as quite as impressive. Most people just assume that the

Staged Homes – 11 Top Reasons to Stage Your Home for Sale

If you’re selling your home or investment house, take advantage of home staging trends. Here are eleven key points about staged homes.

1. Staged Homes Sell in Less Time

Surveys on the effects of home staging range from stating that home sell for 30 percent faster to the Christian Science Monitor’s statistic that staged homes sell twice as fast. Last year, during the hot seller’s market, The National Association of Realtors found that staged homes sold in 13.9 days as opposed to 31 for non-staged homes. Imagine what the effect will be during a buyer’s market.

2. Staged Homes Sell for More Money

Homes that sit on the market usually get lower offers because home shoppers think that there’s something wrong with the house and that the desperate home seller is an easy mark for a low offer. Research proves that staged homes sell for more. The NAR statistics indicated that staged homes sold for an average of 6.9 to 10% over listing price.

3. Staged Exteriors Entice Viewing

When homes shoppers first pull up in front of a home for sale, they make up their minds in SECONDS whether to get out of their comfortable vehicle or drive on. A manicured front yard with staging

Why Homes Go Up Or Down in Value

Historically homes have appreciated over time. This is a good thing. Homes are by far the most expensive venture the average American will make in their lifetime. Part of the reason why consumers are willing to pay so much money is for the security, protection, comfort, and ownership over ones life a home offers. The other part is that homes have historically been safe, secure investments slowly appreciating over time.

The reality of homes is that the actual structure depreciates over time. The walls crack, the foundation cracks, the roof leaks, the paint chips, the cabinets break, and the overall structure loses the value it had at the time it was built. The real reason homes have appreciated in value is the value of the land they sit on. As land becomes increasingly scarce, its value increases also. This is true with any commodity. Although water is one of the most import resources or commodities humans have in life, it is also plentiful and therefore relatively cheap. If a world wide drought hit the earth, water would become one of the most expensive resources on earth because of the need for

Home Sellers: Redesign to Sell Your Home Fast

If you want to sell your house fast, for top dollar, (of course!) consider the art of redesign to attract your target buyers through their emotions. Redesign means to reinterpret your living spaces and existing furnishings, making the most of what you already have and bringing in touches of interior design to create a buyers’ dream home.

Home buyers think they choose a home based on financial smarts, but most buyers choose the home they fall in love with and just can’t live without. The physical senses of buyers respond to a home’s design, and buyer base their purchase decisions on what the see, hear, smell, touch, and even taste.

What do buyers actually want?

All buyers want a home that most closely suits their needs and makes them feel a sense of happiness. Therefore, you’ll want to take those two factors into account when choosing your colors, patterns, and textures as you redesign your home for sale.

Don’t Paint Everything White

Buyers respond to color, and although white may look fresh, most people don’t look good in all-white rooms. If your home is meant to appeal to wealthy, well-educated buyers, use complex, muted colors. If your target buyer will be less educated, use